Mercury Transit in Sagittarius (10 December 2021)

    Mercury Transit in Sagittarius (10 December 2021)

    Mercury is regarded as God’s messenger recognized by his speed, and speed. Mercury requires only an 88 day period to travel around the sun, and spends about 7.33 days in the zodiac. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the messenger of God. It is also the Lord in the Gemini in addition to the Virgo sign. Mercury is the planet closest in orbit to the sun. Additionally, Mercury is called Budh in the Indian tradition, which is a reference to wisdom. Mercury symbolizes the qualities of intelligence, wit, and humour in people. When Mercury shifts into Sagittarius the mind expands. Thinking becomes more extensive and more optimistic, and, in some instances, more exaggerated. It’s a great Opportunity to embark on an intellectual journey possibly through the study of something new or embarking on an intellectual journey. This is an excellent Astrological transit to shift your perspective on the moral, ethical or philosophical idea.

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    Mercury energy is extremely wide-ranging and broad in its coverage. When you are in this transit you’ll have a clear view of the larger view, but not as a grasp of specifics. Sagittarius is a dual-fire sign, ruled by Jupiter and is thought to be the best of the planets of astrology. In spite of the close connection with Jupiter, mercury alignment turns out to be beneficial for natives as both planets have a positive effect on the earth and produce positive outcomes.

    Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius is scheduled to be observed on the 10th of December at 5:53 AM on the 29th December at 11:15 am. 

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