Astrological factors for a career in Film Industry

    Astrological factors for a career in Film Industry

    The most well-known medium of entertainment in the 20th century is Cinema. Many people rely on the “Film Industry’. The pursuit of a job in the field of acting isn’t an easy choice in the fast-paced world. The horoscope of a person should be strong yogas that indicate a bright future in this field. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time, effort and money to be successful.

    What are the Astrological elements to consider for a Career in the Film Industry?

    Vedic Astrology says that the combination of Venus, Jupiter, Sun and the 5th house can make a career successful in this field. Venus is a symbol of drama, art and so on, Jupiter for luck and prosperity, Sun for fame and the 5th house is a sign of success in the activities of the 5th house i.e. Entertainment, Drama, Action etc..

    KP clarifies that if 5th cusp’s sub lord is located within an astrological constellation which is signifying 2 6 10 eleven houses, it will bring prosperity in this area. The connection of Karaka Venus will accentuate the yoga and bring outcomes.

    Second house: to earn through the 5th house. All employees work for the earnings.

    Sixth house: the effort required for the fifth house counts. They put in a lot of effort to provide the best output.

    10th house: fame, reputation and following is the result of their efforts.

    Eleventh House: If their results are satisfactory or not.

    Based on experience, it was discovered that connecting all other houses with the fifth house and other houses can be a more reliable indicator to pursue a career in the Industry. For example, if the 5th sub lord is connected to 2 6 10 houses and is a sign of a career in Film Industry and if the tenth sub-lord is associated with the 5th house and 2,6,11 houses , it’s confirmed. Cross-Connection is crucial, as we don’t have thousands of heroines and heroes today.

    All of these results will occur only within the conjoined period of Signyficators(as per the KP plan) that consist of 1,5,6,10,11.

    The rules above will be in the “Horary Astrology” also.

    We also can categorize what we do based on the planets that we inhabit:

    Sun is the Producer.Head first of all, without Sun, no film can be made.

    Moon: for expression, sentiments, emotions etc.Children movies, tragedy Movies

    (Moon-Saturn), Message oriented movies (because Moon denotes Masses).

    Mars Hero, as it is said, Mars is fearless and will not be afflicted by any stage fear whatsoever.

    Action and Heroism are the primary roles that mars has to.

    Comedian and short films.

    Jupiter Director: Most of the time. Together with other directors, they make films. Sun-

    Jupiter=Patriotic movies, Moon-Jupiter=children movies/ Message oriented

    Movies, Mars-Jupiter=Action Movies, Mercury-Jupiter=comedy movies, Venus-

    Jupiter=Love stories/Music oriented, Saturn-Jupiter=Tragedy movies, Historical

    or Mythological or Mythological. Ketu-Jupiter = suspense thrillers/horror Ketu-

    Jupiter=Philosophical movies

    Venus is the name of the glamour. Nowadays, this is the most prominent element of the film. This is not just for heroines.

    But heroes are also working to keep the “Look”. In general Venus is a fan of

    high-quality. This means that the film will be created using top quality equipment to make a more effective “Show”.

    Saturn: Everyone in the background comes under his control. Do we

    Know all the people who work on a film aside from the main ones! 

    Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter: Choreographer

    Mars-Saturn-Jupiter: Stunt Master.

    Mercury-Moon-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter: Music Director.

    Mercury-Moon-Saturn-Venus-3rd house: Lyricist.

    Mercury-Mars-Moon-Saturn-3rd house: Dialogue writer/Script writer.

    Mercury-Mars-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu: Technician/ graphics.

    Mercury-Jupiter-Venus and 5, 3 houses: Distributor.

    Mercury-Jupiter: Advertisement.

    We are able to add as many..

    The outcomes will be revealed depending on the performance of Dasa and Bhukti Is being naive and running. There are many instances of people becoming the role of villains but then turning into comics, or heroes turning into comics and so on. Co-rulers are the ones responsible for these types of shifts or shifts.

    Experience is the primary asset, therefore we need to analyze each element in detail in order to know the exact nature of an event. This requires a keen sense and an enlightened imagination and the ability to synthesize. This is why many study the astrology field, but very few become Astrologers. Raj Guru Astrologer 

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