What is Navamsa (D9) Chart in Astrology.

    What is Navamsa (D9) Chart in Astrology.

    Navamsa chart can be described as a Divisional Chart that has received immense importance within Vedic Astrology. Each zodiac Sign has 30 degrees. When it is divided into 9 parts or divisions each part or division is called Navamsa. This is the most important chart after the Main birth chart, also known as Rashi chart.

    The strength of houses and planets marriage, career overall fortune, spiritual development etc are evaluated with The Help of Navamsa chart.

    Meaning of Navamsa

    “Navamsa” simply means Nine Amsa. Here Amsa means division. So Navamsa Simply Means 9th Division of a Sign. It is also called the D9 chart. Since the 9th house is known as the House of Dharma and Dharma, it is also often referred to as Dharmamsa as well. It is used to conduct a thorough analysis of our lives, particularly marriage, destiny , etc.

    If used correctly when it is used correctly, it can be beneficial in predicting. Every skilled Astrologer and Every Excellent Book of Astrology has stressed the use of the D9 Chart.

    I’ve created a video on what is the Navamsa chart and the importance of it. It is available to listen for a better understanding.

    What is the main difference of Lagna Chart and Navamsa Chart

    Lagna Chart or Main Birth Chart is the planetary Position in the Zodiac in the year you were born. The Birth Chart provides details about each area of Our Life like marriage, finance, career and health, etc. Since it is a compilation of details about every aspect of Life it’s difficult to interpret and understand.

    In these instances divisional charts are extremely beneficial in understanding specific aspects of your life.

    Navamsa Chart is a Divisional Chart. It is made by dividing each sign into 9 parts. Lagna of the Main birth chart don’t change in a 2 hour period. However, it is the Navamsa Lagna Changes within 13-14 minutes. Therefore, the D9 Chart is more Minute and More Accurate.

    It is very evident that within the Span of 2 hours, thousands of people will be born. birth, and fortune of the People will differ. This is due to the Planet Positions changes in the D9 and also in other Divisional Charts such as Dasamsa, Sashtamsa etc.

    We must remember that Navamsa is created from the Main Birth Chart. Therefore, it is not able to give a result that is not within the Main Birth Chart. There should be some evidence however it could be insignificant or obscure of a particular event. Only the results that are derived from the D9 chart can be noticed.

    You can check out my Detail article on Spouse Astrology to comprehend the differences more fully.

    How do I determine Navamsa and D9 Chart

    We are aware that every sign is 30 Degrees. To calculate the Navamsa we’ll break down the 30 degrees into 9 parts. Each part is 3 degrees 20 minutes. Thus, there are 108 Navamsa. (9 Amsa * 12 Sign).

    Lets Give You an Example. You are born with Aries Ascendant. Your Ascendant Degree is 10. We split the Aries into 9 equal parts. Therefore the first 3 Deg 20 minutes in the Aries Sign is the initial Navamsa that is Aries in itself. 3 Deg 21 minutes to 6 Deg 40 minutes will be the second Navamsa that is Taurus 6 Deg 41 min to 10 Deg is the 3rd Navamsa that is Gemini and so on. Because your Lagna is in 10 degree Aries, it is likely that your Navamsa Lagna would be Gemini.

    These days All the Astrology Software gives the calculation of Navamsa. This means that students do not have to do calculations manually.

    But I’m giving you an easy method by which you can calculate Navamsa without any software.

    Simply multiply the No of the previous House by 9. Then, add the No for Nakshatra Pada in the present Sign. Divide the Total by 12. The remainder will reveal that we have the Navamsa Sign.

    Suppose the Sun is 1 deg in Gemini. So the No of Previous Sign is 2. So 9*2=18. It is necessary to add Nakshatra Pada in the present Sign. Sun has traveled only one Nakshatra Pada. This means that the total is 18+1=19. When we multiply it with 12, we will get 7. Therefore, Sun is in Libra. Navamsa.

    This way, even without any software , you can find the Navamsa of any planet.

    How to Find Navamsa Lagna

    1. The first house in the Navamsa chart is referred to as Navamsa Lagna, also known as the Ascendant of Navamsa. In Vedic Astrology, Navamsa means one-ninth part of the Zodiac Sign. Each sign includes nine divisions that make up Navamsa. This is the reason it is known as D9 and the Navamsa. According to what degree is the degree of your Lagna on the Rashi chart the degree of your Navamsa Lagna and Navamsa Ascendant will be calculated.

    What is Navamsa Lagna Lord or Navamsa Ascendant Lord

    Navamsa Lagna Lord refers to that the Rashi Lord or the owner of the sign on which Navamsa Lagna is also known as Navamsa Ascendant is placed. He is the Lord of Ascendants as well as the OWner for the first House in the Navamsa Chart. For instance, the sign of your Navamsa Lagna has the sign of Aries. Mars reigns supreme in Aries. Therefore, Mars is Lord of the Navamsa Lagna. Navamsa Lagna Lord.

    This is according to the Ruler of the Sign Your Navamsa Lagna It is possible to discover your Navamsa Lagna God.

    Importance of Navamsa Lagna

    The Lagna of our Main Birth Chart as well as Rashi chart gives us an insight into your physical appearance, appearance, Character and Nature etc. This Navamsa Lagna will also give information regarding these in a more precise method. It has an impact on your physical appearance, nature, your liking and preferences, etc.

    As the D9 chart represents the primary purpose chart for marriage, Navamsa Lagna and Lagna Lord will play a role on your Wedding Timing. When analyzing the timing of your early Marriage and Late Marriage, the planets within the D9 Lagna and the location on the chart of Navamsa Lagna Lord must be verified.

    A strong ascendant makes the chart strong, while weak Ascendants make the chart weak. Similarly if you’re Navamsa Lagna and Lord is strong and your chart is Strong , which is beneficial for the overall prosperity of your life. However, if your Navamsa Lagna or Lagna Lord is weak and weak, it will make the whole Navamsa chart weak.

    What Navamsa chart shows

    The Navamsa chart reveals the person you are married to, your marriage Time, Marital Quality, Life, Your Total Fortune, Your work and professional Life, your natural ability and skills, your spiritual development, your financial growth and wealth, your The strength and weakness of the planet. It shows how fortunate or unlucky you are at this birth.

    What are the Use and Significance of Navamsa Chart

    Many times, people ask how Important is the Navamsa Chart? I’ll say that in my personal experience it has been found to be a divisional chart very important for checking birth charts. Between the various Vargas the significance of Navamsa is widely acknowledged. It is thought of as being next to the birth chart or similar to the birth chart, in the event that it is not.

    A majority of astrologers employ Navamsha as well as birth charts to determine the strengths of various planets and houses before expressing any opinions. In Vedic Astrology, Navamsha occupies an outstanding place and draws attention for a more thorough understanding and examination. The study of the birth chart only provides general indications of the characteristics of planets and houses as Navamsha gives the specifics of their value.

    It is extremely significant that every Navamsa equals one Nakshatra Pada, and we all know the importance of the impact of Nakshatra is.

    Maharshi Parasara, who is known as”the ” Father of Modern day Astrology ” has given a huge value to this divisional chart. It is believed that Mr. B V Raman, the most famous Astrologer of this century, has used the D9 Chart, along with Rashi chart in only the Famous Book ” How to Judge Horoscope” to talk about the entire spectrum of our lives including Career, Marriage Education, anything. Therefore, you will understand why this divisional chart has been given particular importance.

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    This chart will show you the capacity of your chart or how strong your Birth Chart really is. We know that the 9th house is a symbol of luck or fortune, therefore this 9th Division i.e. Navamsa can actually be a signifying of our luck. We may see a chart that has 3-4 Exalted Planets or planets within our own sign; however, the person does not experience anything meaningful in his life.

    A person with an uninspiring placement on the planet can enjoy a lot of status and position in life. This is due to the fact that in the initial case the planet was very robust in its own signs or even in an exaltation however they are weak or in the enemy sign D9 chart.

    A planet that is exalted when disabled when it is debilitated in D9 or in the enemy sign in Navamsa and Navamsa, it does not produce a satisfactory result. Although the chart appeared amazing from the outside, the chart was not robust enough to give results.

    There is the possibility of having Multiple Raj Yoga and Dhana Yoga in your chart. However, If the Planets that are causing the Yogas are not strong in the D9 chart as well as other divisional charts the effects of these Yogas are not felt. In contrast, if the Yogas are also present in the Navamsa Chart, You will see amazing results.

    The majority of astrologers use Navamsa and birth charts in conjunction to assess the strength of different planets and houses prior to making any predictions. The analysis of the Birth Chart as well as Lagna Chart only gives an impression of the various planets and houses. For a more thorough understanding, it is necessary to utilize the D9 chart. It’s like an element for Your Main Natal Chart.

    We could affirm it is possible that D9 chart is the Fruit when the Main Chart of Birth is the tree. The appearance of a tree could be stunning, however the fruit might have a low degree of Sweet. However, a tree can appear ugly , yet its fruit could be very delicious.

    The D9 chart is an addition to The Natal Chart. If something is missing or is hidden from Lagna Chart or birth chart you can find it in this.

    Navamsa can be used in a variety of ways on various aspects of life, however it is focused more on the Significance of the 7th House. Therefore, when assessing the marriage prospective, make sure to check the D9 Chart. It is possible to read the complete explanation on how to understand the Navamsa Chart for marriage.

    There are various concepts such as Vargottama, Pushkara Navamsa, Rasi Tulya Navamsa as well as others which are crucial to comprehend the true potential of a Planet’s chart. It assists us in understanding the kind of results the Planet can bring when it comes to the form of Dasha or Bhukti.

    Jaimini Astrology have also assigned an extremely high value in the application of the D9 chart. The location on the Atmakaraka Planet in this chart is extremely important. This Sign is also known to be Karakamsa Lagna. It is located in Jaimini. This Lagna has many applications for Jaimini Astrology.

    The significance of Navamsa has been recognized in Nadi Astrology too. The Nadi Astrology has been accepted in Chandrakala Nadi various Sutra or combinations are mentioned about the significance of Navamsa. According to the Karma Theory, the Natal Chart signifies that the Sanchita Karma and Navamsa Chart refers to the Prarabdha Karma.

    While we must be able to check everything in Navamsa however, for marriage it’s the Purpose chart. It focuses on the 7th house symbolisms in a subtle manner. The chart is crucial for your overall life, professional and work.

    It is also a crucial Chart for Spiritual Progress and religious issues. Someone who is looking to make progress on the spiritual path should be able to clearly see the direction of this in the D9 Chart. It is believed that the Ishta Devata whom a person should worship to attain spiritual enlightenment is determined with the aid of the D9 chart.

    When Navamsa chart is activated

    The Navamsa chart is activated when you are born. However, as the D9 chart is a representation of our later life or the Life following the Middle Age, Generally People say that it activates following marriage which is incorrect. The Divisional charts all stem from the main birth chart and are activated with the help of the Rashi chart.

    Is Navamsa Chart Activates After Marriage

    There is a faulty notion among some People of this Chart that it is activated after marriage. However, this is not true. Navamsa chart derives from the Main Birth chart. The positions of the planets in the main birth chart are physical positions or positions within the Zodiac when we were born. However, any divisional chart comprising D9 chart is only a logical place or interpretation. As of the moment we’ve given birth to this world every Divisional Chart D9, D10, and D12 are in use.

    Furthermore, great astrologers such as K N Rao, B V Raman has recommended looking up education, job and other information from Navamsa chart as well as the principal chart. It is evident that you won’t go to college after marriage or to look for a Job after marriage. There are exceptions but most times it is not the case in this manner. Thus, Navamsa Chart is active from the moment you are born.

    We must remember that only Planets have an activation year but no chart. It is for a particular purpose only. It doesn’t mean that the planet will not be active until the year of activation. The planet can only give results or provide specific results following that particular Period. That is why it is referred to as an activation period.

    You can read about the Marriage time prediction in Navamsa to know this concept more.

    Debilitated and Exalted Planet in the Navamsa chart

    If a Planet is elevated within the Rashi chart or the Main birth chart, but is weak in a D9 chart the chart is not able to give good results. In contrast, when the planet exalted is in its own sign or an optimistic sign on the Navamsa chart, it can give excellent results.

    Every exaltation sign of the Natal Chart has an exalted Navamsa and a weak Navamsa.

    Exaltation and Debilitation is one method to determine the strength of a Planet. If a planet is exalted then it is thought to be powerful. However, exalted Planets are not able to give an expected or desired outcome every time. This is because of its weakening within the Navamsha and other divisional charts.

    The planet that is exalted should not reside in an the territory of an enemy Sign and should also not be affected through Malefic or enemy Planets in the D9 chart. If an exalted planet appears in Rashi chart, but is debilitated within the D9 chart, it loses its power significantly. This means it will not deliver the expected results.

    That’s why we test the quality of the Planets in Navamsa as well as other divisional charts as we go through the Horoscopes. Otherwise , you’ll be left wondering why you’re not getting desired results. You may also book A Horoscope Analysis with me.

    If a Planet that is debilitated is elevated on the Navamsa chart, the debilitation will be cancelled. This is among the most important criteria to cancel the debilitation, or Neechbhanga. There are other rules that can be used to ensure that the debilitation of the planet can be canceled.

    In such circumstances, the planet with the most debilitating condition can bring you positive outcomes. For instance, you are born with a cancer ascendant and Saturn is the 7th Lord of your life. Saturn is in Aries in which it is debilitated however Saturn is located in Libra Navamsa. In this case, Saturn will give you beneficial results, and you won’t receive the Malefic outcomes of Saturn.

    The Importance of Navamsa Lagna and Other Houses

    This Sign having Navamsa Lagna is called Lagnamsa. The D9 chart is an extension of the 9th House that shows us the Dharma one has gained from past lives. Past Life. It is a sign of how blessed we are by the Almighty upon us because of our Karma in the Pat Life. Therefore, the 4 Kendra in the D9 chart is extremely important in Dharma or our Duty.

    The Trikon Houses, or the 1st, 5th and 9th house , represent our inherent capabilities. These abilities come naturally or are easily accessible through your past activities. Therefore, this Trikon Houses of D9 chart is very important to know about your talents and focus on strengthening the Houses to improve your luck.

    The Trikon Houses are also called Lakshmi Sthan or These are the houses that have received the blessings of Mata Lakshmi. Therefore, strengthening your Trikon is very beneficial to improve your financial situation.

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