How To Predict Accidents and Injuries In Vedic Astrology – Astrologer Raj Guru.

    How To Predict Accidents and Injuries In Vedic Astrology – Astrologer Raj Guru.

    A mishap or accident is an unplanned, unintentional incident that happens unexpectedly and is not pleasant and can result in injuries or damages. When someone is in the midst of an accident and suffers psychological trauma, the first thing that is thought of when he is able to recover is that he’s experiencing a negative experience and/or the planet’s position is not favorable for the person. Every aspect of the life of a person is influenced by the Planets. Road accidents are becoming quite frequent these days because of an increase in traffic on roads. I believe that most of these accidents could be avoided. A reputable Astrologer can advise you on ways to stay clear of these risky moments in life.

    When analyzing the horoscope, the following points must be considered to determine whether the individual is at risk of accidents.

    * Lord of Ascendant Moon in the birth chart, and also Moon and Sun within the birth chart. 

    * The position of the planets within the signs.

    * the strength * strength Asc, Moon and Sun.

    * Divisional Charts D1, D9.

    * Transit Chart.

    To find out if accidents have occurred, we examine for accidents, we look at the 4 4 and 8 8 and 12 8th, 12 houses of the Horoscope. The 4th house represents the end of everything automobiles and is a sign of death in accidents. 8th house represents longevity and long-term diseases and sadness, and is a symbol of accidents. 12th house symbolizes loss of hospitals, beds and accidents. Ascendant, Sun, Moon also play a significant role in determining whether a person is susceptible to accidents. Shashtamsha (D-6) chart additionally suggests accidents. 6 6 house is considered to be one of the houses of malefic, which signifies accidents.

    Rising signs at the time of birth is also a key factor. The people born in Aries ascendant are more susceptible to accidents than natives of the Virgo birth sign. Natives born in Aries are blessed with access to energy they cannot be in control of. 

    Aries is fast and impulsive. Natives of Pisces ascendant birth are also at risk of accidents because they aren’t able to make quick decisions because of their lack of reflex. The natives of Libra ascendant birth have a good balance and they are not usually prone to accidents. The signs that are most susceptible to accidents are the signs that are mutable; they include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

     The Jupiter ruling signs, Sagittarius and Pisces are often associated with accidental accidents that are not taken care of, while the Mercury ruling signs Gemini as well as Virgo are susceptible to illnesses in their minds. The bottom line is that people born with Ascendants from these Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) are less susceptible to accidents. They don’t like change or experimentation. They adhere to a strict routine, which may be the reason.

    The planets Mars as well as Saturn Rahu ketu are associated with accidents. Mars symbolizes being injured. Mars is the god of violence and blood guns, firearms, and weapons. Rahu brings sudden and unexpected events into life. 

    This is why it represents sudden accidents in the world. Venus has a significant role in the case of crashes caused by vehicles. Venus is the vehicle’s karaka. Saturn is accountable for accidents caused through machines or iron. 

    Mars is accountable for incidents that result from explosive material or fire. Saturn is also responsible for accidents that happen because of animals. Moon is the main cause of incidents caused by water. Ketu in the 8th house can cause accidents. Mercury is the planet. Mercury is the one who controls transport within our immediate surroundings such as scooters, bikes and cars, among others. For immediate accidents involving transport, we will look at Mercury, Gemini, or the 3rd house. 

    When traveling long distances, we consider Sagittarius, Jupiter or the 9th house. 

    The location that is held by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is also believed to be important in the event of an accident. Uranus is the planet that deals with surgery, and can cause sudden incidents. Most often, accidents are of the “weird” or unusual nature. Uranus within the house of Uranus is believed to draw accidents. Neptune indicates drowning accidents . Pluto indicates violent accidents. Astrology is based on the Mars/Saturn combination of the energy that has ended and Pluto/Ascendant represents the significance of danger in circumstances.

     Moon is a key factor in childhood accidents since Moon is the word used to describe childhood. If you’re experiencing often-injuries and accidents often, the chances are that any of the conditions listed below are true, and it is possible to avoid it by following proper solutions.

    Natives who are at risk of accidents may have specific locations of planets or combinations in the birth chart of their. 

    The position in Rahu as well as Mars in ascendant, or in the 2nd house Mars and Saturn ascendant Mars or Saturn in the 3rd House, Mars or Saturn in the 5th house Mars as well as Saturn with 2/12/6/8, Saturn, Moon, Mars in the 2nd, 4th 12th and 10th houses as well as the 4th house, which is afflicted. 10th house.

     Accidents can also happen in the Dasha and Bhukti of maraka or badhaka lords or planets positioned in those. The timings of accidents during the Dasha, the period must be observed up to the sooksham level. 

    When these combos are connected to the houses that are prone to accidents (4,8,12) can cause hospitalization or accidents during the time. The connection with the 6 houses may also cause accidents. The accident could occur in Dasha Markesh (2nd or 7th ) or bhukti of 2nd or 7th, and the Pratyanter of the 6th or 8th Lord.

    Timing of an accident:

    Transit plays a crucial role in determining the time of an accident. Transit must support dasha periods. The risk of accidents increases in the course of malefic planets that connect to malefic houses within the horoscope, or during the birthplace of moon, sun and the ascendant. 

    Verify accidents using the KP system: 

    Houses 8th as well as 12th  for accidents 8th serious injury or suicide, accident; 12th self-undoing and confinement in hospital or in bed, deformities in the body, deformities, amputations, the mutilation of a limb or injuries to the body.

     Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can cause accidents. If the sub-lord of either the Ascendant , or the cusp of the 8th House is located within the stellar position of either the person who is occupant or owner of 12th or 8th house it will result in an accident. 

    The threat to the person’s life could be fatal when the sub lord is located in the star of the owner or the occupant of either the 7th or 8th or 2nd. The person is likely to be spared from the incident in the event that the sub lord’s name has been placed in the star position of the owner or the occupant from the second, seventh and 11th.

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